Ready for drowning

Music in 2012 has been a poor year, as was 2011, 2010 , you get the point. When I was younger and first getting into music in the late 1970’s early 1980’s we had The Clash, The Specials, later The Smiths and others.
Recession and economic depression led to rebellious young musicians creating music that still resonates thirty years later. This Christmas we had the Hillsborough single topping the charts and one that I was pleased to support, 23 years was far too long. All of us old enough to remember recall that day in 1989 and personally I remember it for another reason.
Carlisle United drew Liverpool at home in that FA Cup run, in January.
Me and my brother in law were the video cameramen for Carlisle United back then, having just started out with very poor equipment filming our local very poor team. But we drew Liverpool, he filmed the game I was in the Warwick Road end.
liverpool 2

Of course it was popular, and I sold some copies of the game, enough copies in fact to buy a better camera within a couple of weeks and continue filming Carlisle United for a decade up in the gantry on freezing cold days watching a very poor team at first, thankfully a team which improved and I visited Wembley and met some great people.
If it was not for Liverpool coming to Carlisle I doubt we would have lasted the season.
I ultimately was sacked but that’s a story for later… Thank you Liverpool and its fans.
I digress though, like many of us I also listened to some awful music looking back and my education took longer than some. And had my phase of The Communards, Erasure and others which a certain recently reported Conservative MP would disapprove of.
Among the groups I ultimately grew up alongside was and is the Manic Street Preachers, initially finding James very hard to decipher as he sang so I would read along with the lyrics and I would learn things I was shielded from in the far North of Cumbria.
A couple here that spring to mind are Paul Robeson and Capel Ceyn.
and the Manic Street Preachers taught me about both, first………

Capel Ceyn was the Welsh village flooded to provide water for Merseyside, in 1956 a private bill was brought before Parliament for the reservoir, very controversially and despite 35 of the 36 Welsh MP’s voting against the plans it was passed in 1957. A bitter 8 year fight followed but eventually the area was flooded in 1965.
This hastened the impetus for Welsh Devolution. Liverpool City Council officially apologised for this in 2005.

Paul Robeson was a Civil Rights Activist, an actor and singer blacklisted under McCarthyism, involved in the Spanish Civil War and a campaigner for South Wales miners. He took unpopular Political stances throughout his life to many leading to his passport being confiscated for a number of years for his refusal to recant his beliefs.

I could go on but if you’re interested I suggest that you Google either or both.
Its only a matter of time before we have protest music back at the top of the charts like this one …..


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