I wish it could be Christmas every day….

I do not really wish it could be Christmas every day, but I just fancy putting song titles as page titles for now. Its Boxing Day, I had just about forgotten about this blog so had a look around it and have decided that I will definitely probably post more in 2013. There are a few reasons for this and I will go into those in the next entry before New Year.



I did attend that Anti Austerity march I mentioned, saw a few famous people and perhaps 100,000 of us Average Joe’s, and apart from the fact that ‘That London’ is an expensive place and the landmarks have shrank since I last visited I had a good time there. It seemed worthwhile to me at least, it was a long journey mind you and I was very pleased to return to this backwater I call home.
Enough for now, I will put my reasoning for blogging again in the next update, and a thanks to one or two bloggers who have inspired me, it will not be an in depth Political Statistical Analysis blog, nor a conspiracy theorist one, nor do I think the Royal Family are necessarily Reptilians. It will be my own take on whats going on around me, as well as those strange thoughts we all have about life in general.
So January the 1st I will let this loose on public opinion and see what the response it, therefore I better have something interesting or at least legible in my head by then.


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