Caught by the Fuzz

Well, It happened again, just when you thought it was all over, there’s some people on the pitch, they think it’s all over and all that….

Saturday it was, and the new Noddy Car I have I drove down the road, now there is no point in lying here, this time I was not speeding. My crime, came to a roundabout,and for the third junction in a row I was behind someone who had indicators on his car for decoration purposes rather than usefulness. So without indicating he turns right and I am behind him. I pipped my horn, just once and waved my hand at his car, no obscene gestures, and moved on. However I looked in my mirror and a Police Van, tore down the road at breakneck speed behind me. AGAIN ! Further on he indicated I pull over, so being a responsible motorist and having my daughter in the car I drove 100 yards or so to pull off a busy main road onto a side road.

I was of course wrong, I did of course refuse to stop according to the Police Officer and I had also given an offensive gesture to the car in front at the aforementioned lights. Now those who know me, know I am mild mannered 😉  but no, this was not right so…..

I got out of my aforementioned Noddy Car and had a heated discussion with officer who proceeded then to bring out his partner, I did not abuse someone I explained and I am not stopping on a busy main road with cargo as precious as my daughter in the car. A bit like Brian Clough, one of my personal heroes would say …“We talk about it for twenty minutes and then we decide I was right.”


They left, I calmed down feeling somewhat aggrieved, remember the good old days when they would just give you a ‘producer’ and be on their way.

And my neighbour died Saturday afternoon so that’s a funeral to attend in a week, hopefully its not as fraught as the last one I went to, where I managed to cry like a baby and collapse into two women’s bosoms.

That was Saturday, its now Tuesday, I was off today, so did very little and its my Birthday tomorrow, well actually today now.


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