You got to know when to hold em…..

Took down the late Deep Stack game on SKY, first win in quite a while and nice to know I still got it ! 33 runners and I came first, the money wont change me I promise, about £24 profit for my £2 game but it all helps.

1  Oopnorth – £26.40 2  gra57 – £16.50  3    ASAPRocky – £9.90  4  redstar7 – £7.26  5  JINKIE7 – £5.94

That followed a day abusing David Camoron and his ilk from the last day of the Conservative Conference, whos speech I watched from in the Sands Centre on an exercise bike and who I tweeted while I should have been lifting free weights.


Until I was disturbed by that young lad, the good looking one who looks as strong as an ox and is also a thoroughly nice lad, as he smashed a machine out of its hinges not realising his own strength. It was funny though seeing the staff so upset.

Apparently I am also heading for London on 20th now for the TUC anti austerity march, maybe it is about time I stopped moaning and starting acting, although catching a bus at 330am and spending a day in that London isn’t something appealing right now.

Tomorrows Thursday, Creative Writing class and I look forward to the critique of my murder mystery story from the tutor,, watch this space…..


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