I fought the law……

And the law won, of course. On my journey home Monday night, well early Tuesday morning, I was stopped by the Police. They incredulously claimed I had been speeding, when I saw they were two handed and also had a friend with a TV Camera pointing in my face I had to presume they were right. Perhaps 40 in a 30 zone but it was a fair cop. Problem came when I offered up the fact that I that I had a bald tyre and the small Policeman said I had 2 options, a fine and points or get out, change the tyre and proceed home. We compromised, I told him the car ws getting scrapped, which it is and that I would promise not to drive it the next day or until it was repaired. This I did, I  will not be repairing it, no point spending another 60 quid for 3 weeks.

floods 2005 1

floods 2

So I must say an early farewell to my 14 year old lump of silver grey steel, we have been together 7 of those years, making our acquaintance after the January 2005 floods drowned my other version and also my house.


An expensive folly is a BMW but it was also fun, daughter is devastated as I won’t be replacing it with a Lambourghini.

All in all not the best day.

Well that was that, on to the small red car of which I cannot name, the one with the coffin on the top….

The rest of Tuesday went a little better, a lie in and a few hours sorting out that other good idea I had with the football programmes…

That will take some time. Tomorrow is Wednesday, Wednesday means the gym and who knows what else will be thrown in.

I will let me know tomorrow…


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