About Cumbrian Musings.

Welcome to my blog. It is not one of those blogs which will expose the world around you, it won’t be some massively detailed statistical analysis or critique of the world or the Government. You probably won’t learn much from being here, historically. It is just my ramblings and thoughts. I won’t name people in it, they didn’t ask to be in here so that would be unfair.
As for me, I am over 40 and have lived in Carlisle all my life so I do know a bit about the place. The music is here for entertainment purposes and usually has some tenuous link to the piece it is alongside.
And if nobody ever reads it, at least i have it to refer to and listen to my kind of music, sort of like a Visual I-Pod.
Thanks for popping by.

While you’re still here, I am updating another site with my general football memorabilia, it will be finished within a few weeks as life is a bit busy at the moment…….. but in the meantime……



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